Fit, Fabulous and 70

Who said that you are over the hill at 70 years of age.  Not at Personal Trainer Gold Coast.

When I was in my early teens my memories of people who were in their 70’s, if they weren’t already institutionalized, was our Grandparents. They were all hunched over, weak and frail, and dare I say it, wrinkly and flabby. They’d be sitting on the couch with a crochet doona over their legs to keep them warm. Doing crossword puzzles or knitting and occasionally, doing a little gardening, which was really all they could manage.

I remember they’d always struggle and there’d be a huge groan due to effort and pain when getting up off the couch. They would slowly hobble over usually with a limp, stopping every so often to re check their balance, just to put the kettle on.

I also remember thinking to myself “God I hope I never grow old.”

I’m sure all of us have simular images and memories when we were younger of our grandparents.

Today 2012, we welcome the Simons – Ruth and Michael Simons, sweethearts since Ruth was 16 and Married in 1960 at age 18. Their 52 years of marriage has produced 3 sons, 8 grandchildren and a countless number of loving friendships.

They, like everyone, have experienced their fair share of illnesses or bad health not only to themselves but members of their family as well. They have had the normal dramas some would argue more than most, that follow a large family as it grows and expands into the world. They’ve endured misfortunes and fortunes that are hard fought, found and sometimes lost. Periods of unforgettable stress, that appears eternal until finally resolved and all the fun and loving happier times in between.

There would have been many times during the 18 years that I have personally know and trained them at Personal Trainer Gold Coast that even I would of excused them for falling off the wagon.

But during all of these periods, both up and down, good and bad, happy and sad, Ruth and Mike have always stayed committed 100% to their health by way of good nutrition and regular exercise, designed by Personal Trainer Gold Coast.

I believe Ruth and Mikes quest for good health was their savoir, not just physically but psychologically as well.

I’m often told by other people that I don’t understand how busy they are. They don’t have the time to cook healthy meals or exercise regularly.

Yet I watched Ruth complete her Honours Degree in Psychology starting at age 50.

I watched her write and publish 2 books, have her own weekly newspaper column in the Gold Coast number 1 newspaper “The Bulletin”

I witness her give Seminars and Public Speaking, be on the Board of Psychology Queenslandand still pump out  40-60 hours a week in private practice. All of this whilst holding together an expanding family and busy social life.

So when people say to me they’re too busy, they don’t have the time to exercise.

I tell them about Ruth and Mike!!

Ruth and Mike train with me at Personal Trainer Gold Coast on average twice a week. But ou side of our Private Studio I set them extra activities either together or with friends.

Mike is now 74 and he can still give most 20 year old athletes a run for their money,  still Bench Pressing over 100 kilograms he stays committed to his longevity.  He walks every day and is passionate about eating a healthy balanced diet. Mike still has a keen interest in family business and the daily practices of a Monarch.

Ruth, not to be outdone by any family member, including grandchildren sets the bar very high by still competing in ½ Marathons at age 70. Ruth loves being fit and healthy and gets a real buzz out of inspiring others. Ruth’s body is ageless a wonderful example of what can be achieved if you set positive goals.

Together Ruth and Mike are a positive example of what commitment, dedication, discipline and what hard work can do, not only for themselves but friends and family as well. Every young person that I know who has met Ruth and Mike, comments to me that they hope and wish that when they’re in their 70’s they are as good as Ruth and Mike.

Good Health and Wellbeing to all


Graeme Rundle

 Personal Trainer Gold Coast