Is there an easy way to lose weight?

With all the diets, drugs, pills, potions and incredible claims about successes in the market today, one would have to think losing weight was easy. If it was so easy then why is the population of people who are overweight increasing.

Weight gain is simple, we eat more food [energy] than we need and we don’t move around anymore.

That’s it that’s the plain truth. More energy enters our body through food than is expended by our bodies through metabolism and any form of movement.

To date there are no pills or herbal concoctions that can get us off of our backsides and burn off the excessive amounts of energy we are consuming. There is no one-diet plan that is suitable for everyone. Just because a famous celebrity claims miraculous results with a diet doesn’t guarantee you will achieve the same success. We tend to not read or hear the part about the full time personal trainer, the 10k daily runs, the 3-4 gym sessions per week, the 6 hours of pilates and yoga a week, and of course the full time live in chef. Somehow we tend to miss those bits of important information, or do we just choose to.

The plain truth is losing weight is not easy and most people don’t find it enjoyable.

That’s why we spend billions of dollars annually on gimmicky weight loss products. We want to find the easy way out.

Unfortunately there is no easy way. Weight loss takes commitment, discipline and a never-ending successful positive attitude. It takes a lot of damn hard work to shift all of those years of excessive eating and couch sitting. You are a product of your own devises, and unless you decide once and for all to really be strong and committed to success you will always experience disappointment.

If you eat it you must burn it off it’s that simple. If you don’t want to burn it off don’t eat it, it’s your choice.

If you are waiting for a miracle drug or herbal concoction to be developed, you’ll be waiting a long time because no drug or potion is going to control the shoveling of food into peoples mouths or make them run around the block.

These things are done consciously they are choices we make. Every-time we put too much food into our system or too much of the wrong type of food, we decided to do that. There is no drug for that. Sure there are drugs that control our appetite but over time we can over-ride them or simply forget to take them. When does it become our responsibility to control what we do? Many of us claim we do not have enough time to exercise. We are all too busy, the day to day stresses in our lives are unbearable. Yet many of us can still find up to 4 hours a day to watch television or sit on the computer. That’s nearly 30 hours a week just in front of a TV or a computer screen.

Why? It’s a choice. Nothing more and nothing less. We choose to be overweight, we choose to eat what and when we like and we choose to sit instead of play.

Until we can all take responsibility for our own lives and conditions, there will be no change to our ever-increasing girths and health problems.