The mere mention of the word cellulite sends some women instantly in to a state of fear and anxiety.

In this article I am going to discuss what cellulite is, how do you get it and more importantly how do we rid this demon from our bodies. First of all let me state that cellulite is normal and that the majority of western women and some men have cellulite. Even our top super models and actresses have cellulite, your just not allowed to see it. Photographers have many tricks they can use to hide it, like the famous airbrush and soft lenses to give the appearance of perfection.

So what is cellulite? Cellulite is that dimpled-like or orange peel affect that is seen on most women’s hips, upper thighs, buttocks, around the knees and calves. Interestingly I don’t even think you will find the word cellulite in any Medical Journals. I believe the American beauty industry made up the term and it has been exploited ever since, collectively making billion of dollars a year.

The anti cellulite industry claims that cellulite is the accumulation of toxins and water stored in fat cells just underneath the skin. They would have us believe that it can be removed through specific massage techniques either manually or with expensive machines. The cellulite reducing cream which also cost you an arm and a leg is specifically formulated to penetrate deep into the skins surface increasing circulation and removing the cellulite and the build up of toxins. And what about those cellulite reducing tablets, I’m sure the majority of you already know the answer.

However, unbias scientific research has uncovered the truth about cellulite. Biopsies were taken from areas where cellulite was evident and another biopsy taken from fat cells where no cellulite could be seen. The result was, they found no difference in the fat composition of either sample. That then led them to try and understand why some fat takes on the dimpled appearance. They concluded that the appearance of cellulite comes about due to the way that the fat is stored.

Fibrous bands of connective tissue surround each fat cell, which separates them into tiny compartments. These bands are attached at one end to the skin and at the other end to the muscles. Women have many of these connective fibres especially in their hips and buttocks, as this is where most women store their fat. These connective fibres attach straight down from the skin to the muscle just like a button in a sofa. When a women increases her body fat, the fat cells expand out stretching the skin past the connective fibres giving you that orange peel or dimpled effect. Just like the foam in your sofa expands out around the buttons. Why doesn’t this happen to men? In some men it does but in most their connective fibres are angularly arranged. Also men don’t store as much fat in those problem areas. A man is genetically predisposed to store more fat around the abdomen.

So are cellulite treatments effective? Most doctors would say no. You can’t take a pill or rub away fat from a fat cell, nor can you change the angle of the connective fibres or where you store fat.

So what can be done? If cellulite is caused by expanding fat cells pushing up to the skin, then reducing the size of those fat cells will have a dramatic effect. Your first step to reducing cellulite is to purchase a good pair of training shoes and start an aerobic activity that you enjoy like walking or jogging. The more walking you do the better, a minimum of 30 minutes a day might be fine for some, but if you can, extend it to at least 1 hour. If you haven’t exercised for some time please go and see your doctor for their approval. Another great idea is to start a strength-training program, where you increase the size and strength of all your muscles especially those around the buttocks and thighs.

Don’t be afraid of building too much muscle, when you see a toned leg and backside its muscle that you’re looking at.

The more muscle that you have, the more fat you can burn and the more toned your body will look. If you are interested in obtaining a strength-training program, find a local qualified trainer or physiotherapist that can design you a safe and effective routine. As far as nutrition goes it is probably the most important part of your plan. You will never exercise fat away if you keep replacing it from your food. Eat small, low fat, nutritious meals evenly throughout the day that include plenty of fresh vegetables and fruit, grains, legumes, dairy, lean meat, chicken and fish. Don’t forget to drink plenty of water and if you don’t know where to start see a Dietitian or Qualified Trainer.