Personal Training Gold Coast’s Weight Loss Program

67% of males and 55% of females are now overweight or obese in Australia.

On average Australians are getting fatter by 1 gram of fat per day.
There are many reasons for this increase:

  • Modern technology
  • High fat food intake
  • Decreased metabolic rate
  • Muscle atrophy [loss of muscle tissue]
  • Inactivity
  • Energy restricting diets
  • Low self esteem
  • Motivation
  • Depression
  • Laziness
  • Boredom

It’s all about lifestyle, creating an enjoyable balance.

At Coast to Coast Personal Training we can show you how simple and easy this balance can be achieved.

With a sensible approach to nutrition and exercise we can guarantee permanent success.

Our Lifestyle Education Program is designed to suit your individual needs and taste, so that once you start the program you can maintain it for life.

No more going hungry or punishing yourself with exercises you hate!!

The Key to Weight Loss

Today there are more experts, books, magazines even television programs promoting their latest discoveries in weight control. Yet every year the percentage of overweight or obese people is increasing at an alarming rate.

It is amazing that in a world full of information and equipment designed to shed kilo after kilo, very little if any is actually being lost.

Why is it that people who are overweight and uncomfortable with their bodies still endorse the very behavior that made them that way?

At Personal Trainer Gold Coast we are constantly amazed at how you can give 2 similar people the same information and opportunity to transform their bodies and lose weight, but get 2 completely different outcomes. One person continually complains, blames everyone else, has a bad attitude, makes constant excuses and fails, whilst the other sees it as a positive challenge and succeeds no matter what obstacles arise.

Permanent weight loss is not easy, if it was then everyone would be slim and we wouldn’t be facing an obesity epidemic. Take a look at the way they market weight loss products, diets and programs. They all claim it’s easy, simple, enjoyable and fun, some even say, “eat as much as you like and lose all the weight you want”. Why? If they told you the truth, that weight loss is difficult, requires sacrifice and sweat, discipline and commitment, you’d probably give it a miss. But at Personal Trainer Gold Coast we pride ourselves on always being upfont and honest about your expected outcomes

Most people want to believe that losing weight is easy. They spend a lot of their time going from plan to plan, diet to diet, exercise to exercise trying to find the easiest way. The moment it gets tough or they have to make a few sacrifices, go without, or feel uncomfortable, they throw in the towel and look for the next easy option.

More often than not it is not the plan, diet or program that is the problem [although some are very questionable] it is usually that persons inability to finish what they have started. Unfortunately we are an instant gratification society and nothing including weight loss can happen fast enough.

The truth is, you didn’t go to bed slim and fit and wake up the following day overweight and unfit. Yet unless your new diet and exercise program delivers a miraculous result in 2 weeks you’re not going to stick to it.

You have to stop shopping around for a quick fix and realize that permanent weight loss is more about lifestyle, discipline, commitment, planning, and attitude, than any piece of exercise equipment or fad diet.

What is the point of purchasing a new and improved, scientifically produced gismo that can deliver a six pack in only 5 minutes a day or an expensive treadmill or a membership to an exclusive health club, if after only 2 weeks you don’t use any of them. Likewise what is the point of following a famous celebrity diet if after 2 weeks your chowing down to a large burger and fries?

At Personal Trainer Gold Coast we teach that the main keys to permanent weight loss are discipline and consistency. Permanent weight loss only occurs when you are constantly disciplined to stick to a healthy eating and exercise plan. If you can’t stick to the plan for a lifetime you won’t maintain the results for very long. You can’t crash diet the weight off in 2 weeks and return to your old habits and not expect your old body to return.

Permanent weight loss comes from constantly being disciplined with the food you consume and the exercise you do. It is about doing the work [exercise] even when you don’t feel like it. It’s about healthy eating even when you’re tempted with more tasteful temptations.

Talk to any successful person that has lost weight and kept it off and they will tell you the same thing. You have to be consistent and disciplined to do the things that work everyday, even when you don’t feel like it or want to. These people have made sacrifices, gone without, made themselves uncomfortable, pushed themselves through the hard times, looked for reasons to do the work and eat sensibly, rather than looked for excuses.

Permanent weight loss is a choice. Everyday we make choices that will either work towards or away from our goals.

There are a lot of people who say they don’t feel motivated to start a weight loss program. Feeling motivated is a feeling, and we all know that feelings can change on a day to day basis, therefore making weight loss even more difficult.

The keys to successful, permanent weight loss are doing the work with regular exercise and eating sensibly even when you don’t feel motivated. This is what we call discipline and it must be applied consistently.

It is as simple as, stop making excuses, get off your backside everyday, eat healthy, nutritious food at every meal and do it even when you don’t feel like it. It’s your choice.

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