Does Running and Walking Cause Osteoarthritis

Short Answer: NO

Common risk factors, notice I didn’t say causes of osteoarthritis are:

Genetics – Family history
Age – Cartilage wears down over time
Previous Injury – A damaged joint from the past
Weight – Excess pressure on joints
Occupational Hazards – Repetitive stress
Some High Level Sports – Twisting and tearing of cartilage, high impact.
Sitting for most of the day – Increases muscle weakness, joint and muscle tightness, plus a lack of the lubricating fluid circulating in the joints

For knees the greatest risk is Weight Gain and prolonged Sitting.

The weight crushes the cartilage and the lack of lubrication from sitting helps it to rust out a lot faster.

Joints must be used to be preserved. They need to be Lubricated.
Muscle needs to be strengthen to support the joints [ not to look good ].
You don’t wear them out going for an hour walk or a jog in the park.
You wear them out usually from one or more of the above list.

Think of your joints as a Barn Door Hinge leave them unattended for long enough and they stiffen up, rust through, and no matter how much you oil it after, it’s too late, they’re too far gone, they need replacing.

There is no known cure for Osteoarthritis, only Prevention, Management, Replacement.

Doing nothing accelerates the decay.
Doing too much causes pain and discomfort and accelerates it as well.

The best you can do is slow down its degeneration by:

Strength Training – Try Pool activities
Maintaining a healthy weight – Ride a bike
Warming up and cooling down properly – Keep the joints moving
Stretch to maintain flexibility – Sit less often get up straighten your legs
Wear good shoes or Orthotics – Treat with a anti inflammatory
Walk or run on soft surfaces
and Panadol

Don’t ignore pain, treat it early, pain is your indicator that something is wrong.

For advice on whom to see to get help if you are suffering from Osteoarthritis please call Coast to Coast Personal Trainers on 07 5572 9902